Mud Staffing

This board is for mud admins and staff to advertise for staffing positions such as builders, coders, admin, imms, etc. People seeking staff positions may also post an online resume here to help find a mud to work on.

Mud Promotions

This board is for mud administrators and players to post promotional material about their muds. People seeking new muds to play may also post here with their desired features.

General Interest

General interest posts should be relevant to the mud community and on the topic of muds and/or mudding.

Mud Announcements

The Mud Announcements category is for mud staff to post announcements about their muds, including updates, status changes, events, downtime notices, etc.

Mud Building

The Mud Building category is for posts discussing mud building, building concepts, and anything generally related to mud building.


This category is intended for posts about coding in general.