Are the old forum posts still around?


I’ve been looking up random mud related things, and all the old links that point back to the TMC forums seem to be broken. Is there anyway to retrieve these posts via their id or something?


I seen it too lost of broken links but I think there old forum was attached to there server. This one looks external


Yeah, this forum is definitely externally hosted. I’m just wondering if the old content is still around at all. This has been a very strange overhaul, as excited as I was at first to see some work on the TMC website. It would really suck to lose the 20+ years of discussion that’s still indexed by Google.

I was just looking into something over the weekend and the top links were all TMC, but I couldn’t read it :frowning:


Check out mudbytes and mudportal those usually have resolved/saved information from these websites… I know that Circlemud old mailing list has a 20 years of back log of there discussions.


They were available at , but no longer.
It would be nice to have access to them, even if only in database form.


I was looking for some old posts as well for some info and couldn’t find them. Has anyone had any luck?

I did find some stuff at Top Mud Sites. If you were a member there as they still have all original forum posts. You can find it here: Top Mud Sites

Good luck! :relaxed: