Darklord: The Blood of Time (LF Builders/Code Helpers)


Hi there, been awhile since I’ve advertised for any help at all on Darklord. Well let me start off and get to it then.

Requirements for Building:

  1. Basic know how to use OLC from Merc/Diku. (Has been heavily updated and EASY to learn.)
  2. Able to fluently create writings for mobs/objects/rooms/area’s.
  3. Good Spelling and grammar encouraged, but not totally needed. (Will proofread.)
  4. Don’t say you will work, and then disappear in 2 or 3 days never to be seen again.

Requirements for Coding/Coding Helper:

  1. Basic or advanced knowledge of C. (standard c89/c99)
  2. Basic knowledge on using a ‘git’ based repository or Git in general. (Will teach.)
  3. Ability to debug and test code for cases before adding new functions to the game.
  4. A linux OS, or a virtual machine of some flavor of linux with 32/64bit debug-able glibc,
    gcc-4/7 and/or Clang. (Up to you on compiler, I use both to squash warnings/bugs.)
  5. The ability to actually code something in a team environment. (Small team though.)

Side note for Coders: The whole intent of this project first and foremost is to have no warnings
or errors left to release to the public to not only insure that our code is
working properly and not just sorta works. Also that way we can track
bugs down much easier. This has been almost completed besides a
few unneeded parameters such as in magic.c. May also need help on
fixing up the dig command, if what I am currently doing doesn’t solve it’s issue.

Builders: You pretty much have free reign on how you build, and all, but it must
fit the theme somewhat. It’s not very hard at all to build, the hard part for
most is just the content to create.

Other notes:
Darklord was built off an almost impossible to fix code-base called CoTN 4’ish (Children of The Night), and yes 4,5,6 years later I am still finding bugs with the good idea’s that were implemented which mostly none worked correctly, or had severe problems with other parts of the game and corruption. The reason I chose this code you may be wondering… I spent too much time fixing it, so there it is lol. Also because it was based on GodWars and Mindcloud 2 (or 2.5/3? I’m sure Tijer knows which one.) since I have always liked the play style of MC, and of course GodWars. Thanks to KaVir and Tijer and the rest of the team behind that endeavor.

Send a reply here for now if you might even be a little bit interested or have questions about anything and I will do my best to help.

| Server: darklord.evils.in or darksix.org |

Port: 9100

NOTE Game will be offline until August 22nd (EST, USA time) due to re-writing area files by hand for some
old bug that must have happened before or after work started on it.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read and perhaps consider these positions. Thanks -Six.


I spent too much time fixing it, so there it is lol. Also because it was based on GodWars and Mindcloud 2 (or 2.5/3? I’m sure Tijer knows which one.)

Yes Mindcloud 3 - Which its self was never actually released! I used to fix things on COTN only to come back a week or so later to find more things that required fixing… :slight_smile: