Dreamwalk MUSH -- Roleplay-Intensive, Competitive Building


Dreamwalk MUSH is a game about dreams built on old MUSH ideas. In it, you are a dreamwalker, a lucid dreamer who can travel to other people’s dreams from across dimensions (a Space Marine might have a dream where he meets Alice In Wonderland), and even alter those dreams. In Dreamwalk MUSH EVERYBODY is a builder, but they have to spend Lucidity to build anything, and it’s way more expensive to manipulate another person’s dreamscape than your own… but it still can definitely be done. (Type lucidity once logged in to see costs)

The point of the game is threefold, to:

  • build up your own dreamscape as time passes
  • meet other dreamwalkers, and interact with them, and
  • explore the infinite dreamverse, hopping between dreamscapes to meet new and unexplored places

Character Creation

Character creation is simple. If you would like to create a character, simply think on what their persona would be in a dream, and what their dreamscape – the environment they normally dream in – would be.Then, log in, and talk with YHWH about it, either in the public Chat channel or in private pages. After that, you have a scene with him – and get rewarded for it with Lucidity, which can be used to build up your own dreamscape, connect to other players, and impose illusions on other people’s dreamscapes, once you get there – and if the scene is enjoyable, then you are in.

No bureaucracy beyond that. That’s it.

** Connecting **

Telnet: dreamwa.lk port 1736
Website: http://dreamwa.lk/


Hey @TheStranjer

I connected to the mud as your description certainly grabbed my attention, Dreamwalk seems like a very interesting and unique concept but I fear my time zone may be incompatible with getting started. I’m usually playing when most Americans are asleep!

Its a shame my “story” cant be submitted via a note system or something maybe outside of the game.


I’m often on throughout the day. I’d love for you to come back so we can chat. We already have a couple of European users, most notably a Swedish one. So you might enjoy roleplaying with him.