Godwars Kingdoms looking for help


Hey Yall,

Been working on a godwars-themed fantasy mud for awhile now. Everything is essentially built from the ground up. Combat is completely stat driven with a high focus on decision making rather then skill spamming.

There are many systems and such to rant on about. Feel free to ask me any questions here or at godwarskingdoms@gmail.com or rather just visit the mud at omen.genesismuds.com 1500. In general the aim is to create a mud focused on engaging faction based pvpve (intelligent class-based mobiles) while also having many methods for enduring character progression. The mud is pretty far along though we still have a long way to go to be decent enough to keep fickle players around.

Godwars muds used to be pretty hip back in the day. It didn’t fair well over its long tenure but did have some brilliant years. If you are interested in helping in any non-coding capacity to create another great godwars mud we welcome you.