Gossip Chat Network


Hey everyone, I run Gossip, https://gossip.haus/, a new cross game chat network. I did an announcement post over on the MUD Coders blog last month.

We’ve got a few libraries set up at the moment: it’s built into my framework ExVenture, a base Elixir client, there’s a Ranvier bundle, and someone is working on a C library so look for that soon!

And to answer your potential question, “Why not just use the I3 network?” I started Gossip so we could utilize new standardized technologies. Gossip is TLS and uses JSON which every language should have a parser for.

If you’re interested, check out the docs at https://gossip.haus/docs. See you on the network!


Some new updates for Gossip!

There is a new event called games/status that lets you query for information about currently connected games, as well as any game individually if you know it’s short name. See the docs for more information.

As part of this you can also set how to connect to your game as part of the settings for your game. You can set a web client url, a telnet host:port, and a secure telnet host:port. All of which will get sent out as part of the games/status event above. Soon I’ll have this connection information displaying on the website.

Lastly, there is a new node package to connect to Gossip. See it on GitHub.