Is MUD Voting an Effective Tool for Acquiring New Players?


Hi all,

I’m wondering if admins have found that they’ve had a noticeable benefit of gaining new players as a result of having players vote for their MUD on TMC and TMS? Have you noticed an increase in traffic after running ‘voting campaigns’? (Actively encouraging players and staff to vote for the MUD on TMC and/or TMS).


There have been times when we managed to maintain a top 20 ranking on TMC, but at the same time I was staying active with consistent promotion posts on all MUD sites and occasionally updating our listing, posting more on FB and running a few events, and all of those combined efforts brought more people to the game.

I can’t say for sure how the rankings factored in, because that was part of an increased and comprehensive promotional strategy that worked for the time I was putting the effort in.

We’re sitting at 26 right now (which is quite a bit higher than we normally sit) and there hasn’t been many new logins, but I don’t know if the new site change may have people turned off from the site, or if not being in that top 20 (sort of the only spot where rank really seems to factor) has something to do with it.


No data. I’ve never been successful in getting players to hit the vote button.


CoffeeMUD has been climbing the ranks of TMC for the past couple of months thanks to a few very loyal players who vote daily. I can’t say that our presence on the top 20 list has helped increase traffic. We seem to have the same rate of newly created accounts as before. We do have a larger player base (about 40 people throughout the week), with 5-20 online characters at one time, since I started pushing advertisements on TMC a couple of years ago…but that could just be due to an increase in staff activity.