Old MUDs still open


I remember playing on SneezyMUD before MMOs came out, a long, long time ago. Great times running around as my antipaladin Deus. It’s cool to see that it’s still around.


Nuclear War Mud is an old mud from early 90’s is back and ready to play! Old post apocalypse, cyber punk, hack -n - slash mud looking for players :slight_smile:

Come on by and give us a try! www.nuclearwarmud.com 4080 We look forward to seeing yaw!


There was a ROM mud many years ago I played. Can’t remember the name of it - don’t think it exists anymore. Figured this might be the best thread to ask about it, though :wink:

It had a ton of races - some more obscure ones like Nephilim - but also Trolls and Pixies, as well as different colors of Dragons. The world was half stockish half custom. The ‘classes’ were way more customizable than most ROMs.

As for Old MUDs that are still open…Realms of Redemption, probably. It is an offshoot of Realms of the Dragon which is long gone now. The skill system is different than anything else out there, as well as the class system. Required quite a bit of thought (or special websites with tools players had made!) to properly skill your character out by the time you hit max level.


Dark Risings will be celebrating 20 years this Halloween! Dark Risings offers a dark fantasy world for players to test their wits and their blades. 100% free and built with that old-school ROM magic, we offer a rich roleplaying experience in a vast world, with role-based PK to build tension. Forge your legacy!



Were you thinking maybe of an old ROT mud called Malacious Bliss?


AnimeMUD is still up and kicking! Well at least yet again we are! With new and improved stuff in the works. We are currently located @ port 9000

webpage located @

And here is our mudconnect listing: https://www.mudconnect.com/cgi-bin/search.cgi?mode=mud_listing&mud=AnimeMUD

Come by and check out the nostalgic old AnimeMUD We got a great staff and some great players that are always willing to help out.



CyberASSAULT has survived since the 90’s. We hope to be the first MUD on Mars once Elon Musk makes that happen. So here’s to 20+ more years wishing we had more players y’all.

As for the game we have more quests than you can ever do.
Melee weapons that level with you.
Guns… massive, powerful, some with grenades that shoot out as a bonus GUNS.
Automatic remort rewards, level up and power up with amazing gear rewards as soon as you are reborn.
Holiday events that are out of this world.
Some really fun classes, all in a post apocalyptic sci-fi pop culture world.
automatic and timed world events.

cyberassault.org 11111


Darker Realms is still here and has been running since 1990 when it first opened.

It is a huge mud and extremely well written. I have been playing it for years, and am still finding and discovering new things.

We have definitely reduced in number of players over the years. I sure wish we could find a new crop of players who would try it out and see what they think.

It is worth the time!

Port 2000


Hey guys! Thelastsunrise.net 9000 has been up and kicking for 21 years now. We are a modified ROM MUD set in the Wheel of Time world. We are mostly a bunch of old RPers these days, but we do have some folks that enjoy PKing as well! Feel free to stop in and say hi. We are super friendly. :slight_smile:


Deathwish MUD is still up at dw.kicks-ass.org 1111 and will soon be a quarter of a century old. It will be our 23rd anniversary this Dec. 19th. We didn’t get older, we got better!


Abandoned Codex - abandonedcodex.net 4000 - turned 21 years old this month!

It’s Smaug-based but with two decades worth of enhancements.
110+ areas organised into a coherent global layout, RP encouraged, very long and deep history.

Not the hugest player base but that means that what you do on quests has a much more global impact - area layouts and even spells or game mechanics have been affected by players’ in character actions.


Darkened Lights… Created and ran from 2004-2006
Now re-opened and wont be stopping as i am now
disabled and stuck at home with a broken back

innotek.ml 4000

join my forums lets get MUDS alive again.


Also i am providing free website/mud development accounts - no questions asked.


Well met! I believe after that it was sneezy.standford.edu and then sneezy.saw.net… The MUD and the internet sure have come a long way.


I don’t currently play there, but I poke my head into JediMUD every once in a while. It’s humorously not very Jedi oriented at all. It has a Jedi class, but many stock Circle classes and zones. This mud was sort of my “First Doctor” and set my ideal of what a MUD ‘should’ look like (even though I know today that’s pretty silly!)

Another one that I don’t think is around anymore is HoloMUD. Anyone know what became of that place? I remember in the late 90’s there would be a good 40 unique players on during prime time. It was also Circle, and a lot of fun.