Shadows of Isildur


Hello everyone,

I am a player at the above mentioned mud, and I’d like to share my gaming experience with the community. Hopefully it might inspire others to come start a character, and I’ll have even more people to roleplay with.

First off, it is a roleplay enforced game, meaning that you are to stay in character while within the game. There are ways to communicate with others in game, via boards, or through the ooc communication of Hobbitmail to arrange potential roleplay dates/times with others. It has several features to help with enriching your roleplay experience, the ability to use various ‘motes’ from emoting actions your toon would do, to manipulating objects, or your in room pose.

If you enjoy the Lord of the Rings genre, or the movies I’m sure you’d find something of interest in the game. Players can choose to play from several roles that are open in game like timberwrights, armorers, weaponsmiths, healers, farmers, cooks/brewers, carpenters, stoneworkers, guards, and so on, so there’s several different things one may have their toon to be. Of course with this type of setting there are two spheres if one can call it that, where the ‘evil’ characters like orcs and goblins start out at, and dwarves, humans, and the other ‘good’ races begin in their own little settlement.

Overall the players are helpful and eager to assist you with learning the game, and there are players from several time zones that play, although we could always use more. :slightly_smiling_face: Combat with non player characters or NPCS can be brutal starting out, this isn’t a game where you login, go outside and just slaughter everything in sight for experience points. There is no experience points in game, in so much as gaining levels, but your skills like carpentry, or dual-wielding do increase over time and use. The better you get with a skill, the more skills you branch off that main skillset, and the more proficient you become in combat the less worries you have over random encounters.

The admin will at times throw out various game-wide events, as well as the player characters themselves holding smaller gatherings like frog races, scavenger hunts, town meetings and so on. There are clans one may join like the Merchant Guard, or strike out on your own with a stall, or shop of your own and hire workers to help bring in materials and craft.

The areas are all original, you won’t find areas like Midgaard or elemental canyon here. All the areas fit within the general genre behind Tolkien’s work. Currently the game is set around the year 2911 of the third age within Rhovanion; as for geographically it extended to the east as far as the inland Sea of Rhûn; north to the Grey Mountains and Iron Hills, home of the Dwarves; west to the range of the Hithaeglir, or Misty Mountains; and south to the line marked by the Limlight river, Anduin, Emyn Muil, Dagorlad, and the Ered Lithui.

I really hope to meet some of you in game soon. The game can be connected via telnet or other clients at port 4500. You may also read various documentation about the game at Shadows of Isildur

Thank you for taking the time to read this, have a great day.