TMC Website Change


Yep and a new button - check out :):grinning:


Got it, and it works. Thanks!


The site’s looking cooler than ever now. Congrats on the updates!


I’m curious, is there another way to access the archives of the old forum? The SMF link doesn’t seem to be working now.


Yes, – looks like its not loading the old css file but you can navigate the forums…


I know its low on the priority list? but please can we have a darker theme option… the bright white is a little harsh on the eyes! :slight_smile: even if its just outside of the boxes on the main page!


I cant seem to login to the main tmc website. i have tried making a fw accounts and it always says my password is wrong. the secret question and answer function seems to be broken im unable to reset my password.

my logins work here on the discourse but the login i use here wont work over there.


Click on your avatar in the top right, settings -> interface -> theme -> Dark


Hi Rave, please PM me and we’ll sort through it. Please PM me the email address(s) you have signed up and any userids you can remember.


Yes works on the discourse part… But not the main site


I’ve been playing with it and running into some difficulty - Semantic UI seems to do alot of removing custom css when certain objects are activated. At one user’s request I changed the background from pure white to off-white but you notice if you open the sidebar Semantic resets the background.

I had to take off to avoid the hurricane craziness but I’ll be investigating installing a couple of theme options and am hoping when I am back I can get something implemented that allows you to choose a light or dark theme.


I found a pre-packaged generic dark theme, its up now. Looks like some of the font-awesome icons are causing a issue. This is temporary until I can get something better made.


Good luck and stay safe! (the whole hurricane thing)


Minor issue with the top xx listings, sorting them isnt sorting correctly its sorting 1 10 100 etc etc not 1 2 3 4 5 6 etc etc… (unless im doing something wrong?)


Sounds like it’s sorting lexically instead of numerically.


I noticed this. It briefly worked and then stopped sorting numerically. I think I am going to need to rewrite the big list code to either use something besides DataTables or redo how DataTables works making it all javascript-powered instead of populating the table itself… Ugh.


I finally figured out the numeric sorting issue. I also added paging to the mudlist display.



I just got the mud review search ported over to the new website… I like the accordion layout for the front page reviews since if they were expanded it would take up a ton of space, but does it make sense for the review search results? Thoughts? -Iccy


Much better, the accordion layout is an improvement for sure