Welcome to The Mud Connector Discourse


Welcome to the Mud Connector Discourse - TMC is aiming to revamp the level of discussion within the TMC community with an emphasis on Civil Mud-Relevant discussion.

This space is for everyone that loves muds and is interested in discussions that leave behind the drama and contentious content which was so prevalent in the previous incarnations of the TMC forums.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. The TMC Discourse is a departure from what has become expected of discussions in the Mud Connector community. In short, if your post cannot be civil, polite and even friendly then it shouldn’t be posted here. Drama of any kind will not be welcome.

  2. Upon launch of the TMC Discourse all user accounts and all content will be posted on an approval-basis. This is intended to be short term and hopefully very short-term while we try to cultivate a new friendlier atmosphere for the community.

  3. The ultimate goal is for the community to police itself and the Discourse platform comes with a full toolset to allow that. Eventually TMC Discourse users will be able to moderate each other, flag inappropriate activity and the actions of the community will determine how content appears and they will even be able to silence hostile user behavior.

  4. Please feel free to explore the platform, post a promo for your mud or other mud related content of interest. If you see the new for us to add a new category please contact by PM the TMC_Mods user with your suggestions.

Please see http://www.mudconnect.com/terms.html for the TMC terms of service.

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